Nature park Persina: Fauna

The faunistic physiognomy of the proposed park is characterised by the animals, typical inhabitants of wetlands, or related to water sources. Only in the marshes along the Danube and in the lower courses of the Danube tributaries could be found the fish species:

Cobitis bulgarica(sub-endemic), Barbus barbus, Albumoides bipunktatus, Abramis ballerus, Vimba vimba,

Eudontomyzon danfordii, Acipenser nudiwentris, Acipenser ruthenus, Acipenser sturio, Acipenser stelatus,

Acipenser guldenstaedtii, Husho husho. Lota lota etc.

Acerina cemua. Pelecus cultratus, Aspro streber, Aspro zingel,

Waterfowl are represented by a grtat diversity of species, especially in the marshes, islands and floods. Some typical rare species are Haliaetus albicilla. Anser spp., Podiceps spp., Ardea spp.. Anas spp., Sterna spp.. Charadrms spp., etc. Over a 100 bird species have been described in the region.