Nature park Russenski lom: General information

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In the eastern portion of the Danubian plane, just about 20 km south of Rousse, is situated a unique and picturesque site of Bulgarian nature – the Nature Park “Roussenski Lom.” Its name comes from the river “Roussenski Lom” – the last right tributary of The Danube. In 1970 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced an area of 22,267 decares situated along the banks of the rivers Mali, Cherni and Beli Lom to be a Peoples Park. Its length is approximately 42 kilometers. The regulations stated the borders, administrative functions and management activities of the new park.

In 1986 the Commission for Environmental Protection at the Council of Ministers proposed to increase the area of the park with 27 362 decares, bringing the total area to 49,629 decares. The park now has an actual size of 3,260 hectares. In 1989 a park-management project was developed. The document describes the territory, statutes, actual status of ecosystems, etc.