Nature park Shumensko plato: Fauna

Vascular plants in the Shumensko plateau Natural park are of forest, prebalkan type. Their officially reflected species composition is as follows: mammals – 28 species, birds – 61 species, reptiles – 14 species and amphibians – 6 species: a total of 109 higher plant species. The northern and southeuropean species have the widest distribution from zoographical point of view. The Mediterranean and Pontic species are not so common. It is assumed that the presence of the Pontic species is due to the formation of meadow communities as a result of the anthropogenic impact.

Mammals are represented by some of the species common to the country – hedgehog, badger, marten, fox, rodents etc. Birds are the most widely distributed group in the park. Here, near to the big town, you can observe species that range over forest, garden and open areas. Walking along different trails, you can find Parus major, Erithacus rubecula, Fringilla coelebs, Turdus torquatus and Turdus philomelos . Some rare birds are established in the park – the nesting Ficedula semitorquata and Parus lugubris. In Europe they can be found on the Balkan peninsula only. The black woodpecker is a rare species.

Unfortunately, the proximity of Shumen town and the high rate of visits to the park result in considerable flora impoverishment. Vipera ursini and Neophron percnopterus are extinct species. After 1980 there are no data on Aguila pomarina, Pernis apivorus, Vormela peregusna and Mesocricetus newtoni as well.