Nature park Shumensko plato: Tourism

The Shumensko plateau Natural park is a heavily visited place for reast, sports and tourism throughout the year. The diverse landscape as well as the proximity of the park to Shumen town are preconditions for this. The well developed road network and the numerous tourist routes make the access to the park easy.

One of the priority aims of the park officials is to create conditions for a complete short term rest of lovers of nature. There are 8 tourist shelters with fire places built up in the most heavily visited places and alcoves, benches, tables, fountains etc. in the places with view points. Recovery of damages, cleaning of the areas around the outfits are made all the year round.

There are favourable opportunities of practising varied types of tourism in the park: ecological, nature-cognitive, cultural, country, cycling , speleological etc.

There is a route marked in the Kioshkovete locality for the fans of ecotourism. Many beauty spots are included in it. Splendid opportunities of getting acquainted with one of the most heavily visited localities in the park are offered.

Numerous tourist routes in behalf of hikers are developed. They lead to interesting forms of relief, historical sites, huts, shelters and reveal park`s biological diversity.

There are good conditions for the development of country tourism in Osmar village, which borders on the park. You can visit a private winery in the village and a wine-cellar in the neighbouring village of Chan Krum and taste local wines

The park Directorate offers tourist guides, photo tourism, information on the accommodation and leisure facilities within the park and other services.

The park is visited by many citizens of Shumen town and its guests. There are holiday houses, hotels and other accommodation facilities on its territory.

Useful information about some of them:

Pazachnitsa villa – It has an original architecture. Its bed capacity is 12. The villa has a hall with a capacity of 60 seats, a fire place and coffee-hall available.

Staria grad hotel has a capacity of 40 beds, a hall with a capacity of 30 seats and a coffee-hall available.

Anitsa hotel has a capacity of 32 beds, two halls with capacities of 40 and 25 seats, respectively, and a self-service kitchen.

Orbita complex is situated in Kioshkove locality. Its bed capacity is 22. It has a restaurant with a capacity of 60 seats, a bar with a capacity of 28 seats and terraces with a capacity of 80 seats available.

Bohemi complex is situated in Divdiadovo district under the Divdiadovski rock aureoles. It has 7 luxury appartments, a restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats, a play boy bar, an open-air swimming pool, a sauna and a guarded parking place available.

Bukatsite hut is situated in the Osmarski kolonii locality. It has a capacity of 21 beds, a hall and kitchen available.

Holiday house of the Shumen municipality (Priemna). Its has a capacity of 16 beds. Its hall is with a capacity of 30 seats, a parlour with a fire-place, a kitchen and garage available.

Municipal holiday house of the Centre for work with children – Shumen. Bed capacity – 30. It has a hall and canteen with a kitchen available.