Nature park Sinite kamani: Tourism

The region of Sliven is a hospitable region crossed by ancient roads and rich in beautiful localities. The Sinite Kamani NP fascinates with crystal pure streams, sunny glades, caves, forests, peaks rising mightily. It attracts people interested in floristic, faunistic and landscape diversity, archeological and historical heritage, photo hunting and photo tourism, mountaineering, hang-gliding, skiing and a calm way of life.

The Sinite Kamani Natural park is attractive to tourists practising family or individual tourism, to pupils and students – lovers of nature and environmentalists.

The routes: Sliven – Karandila – Peschenik – Arhangela – Haidushki izvor – Bachvata – Eniova bulka – Sliven; Karandila – Kutelka – Belite izvori; Sliven – Ravna reka – Gunchov izvor – Mochurite – Dolapite – Sliven with their genuine beauty, the rising Bachvata, Eniova bulka, Kaloianovi kuli, Iglite pinnacles, venerable beech and oak forests and the great number of springs are appropriate for tourists looking for unforgettable experience in the stillness, fresh air and specific landscape. These routes are also suitable for people interested in herbaceous and tree formations, ornithology, enthomology, herpethology and the folklore tradition of the Sliven region.

The routes: Sliven – Selishteto – Bialata voda – Kostova cheshma – Karakiutuk – Sliven; Daula – Balgarka – Karakiutuk – Daula; Sliven – Dolapite – Sini vir – Sliven offer fine conditions to ecotourists interested in species` diversity of birds of prey, remains of fortresses built as far back as Roman times and the late Middle Ages, the St. Spas monastery built during the Second Bulgarian kingdom.

The route Sliven – Karandila – Futula – Halkata – Sliven with its untouched environment, diverse landscape – huge quartz-porphyry rocks, forests, herbaceous and shrub species, a waterfall with a cave under it, rock phenomena (Halkata, Sechenata skala, The Death Penalty rock) and hovering eagles, falcons, hawks, vultures are designated for tourists trying to find new emotions, a spiritual rest and feast.

The ecotrail Sliven – Mollova koria – Sliven is used for ecological education. The educative work in the open stimulates the communication with wildlife.

The Path of wealth for blind or sight-damaged people and people with other types of disability affords an opportunity of recruitting their psychophysiological strength.

The Information visitor center at the Park Directorate with its exposition including a petrographic collection, collections of mushrooms, lichens, fruits and seeds, a herbarium of herbaceous species etc, serves as a place providing information on and registration for the holiday houses in Karandila locality and Daula, the hotels in Sliven. The center offers tourist routes, programmes and guiding, organization of funny games, competitions and drawing in the open, exploration of the flora, fauna and geomorphological structure. You can buy information and advertising materials, a film about the Natural park and a CD about the natural parks in Bulgaria.