Nature park Vrachanski Balkan: Fauna

The Vrachanska Mountains is one of the most interesting relief forms that is outlined against the other parts of Western Stara planina and pre-Balkan. It determines the herpethofauna diversity with its rock aureoles, rounded peaks, valleys, saddles, whirlpools, pot-holes, the relatively wide altitude range (from 200 to 1482 m a.s.l.) and diverse deciduous and coniferous vegetation. 23 amphibian and reptile species are established within the park to date. They represent 44% of the Bulgarian herpethofauna. The Vrachanska Mountains is poorly investigated in this respect despite the favourable position of the region. The following amphibian and reptile species (rare and protected) are found on the territory of the park: Salamandra salamandra, Triturus cristatus, Triturus vulgaris, Bufo bufo, Bufo viridis, Testudo graeca, Testudo hermanni, Elaphe longissima, Coluber jugularis, Vipera ammodytes.