Nature park Vrachanski Balkan: Tourism

The geographical position, rich flora and fauna, unique Karst relief as well as the comfortable transport connections are a precondition for the sustainable development of tourism on the territory of the Vrachanski Balkan natural park.

The park Directorate has an information centre and two visitor centres available. They give a comprehensive idea of the park`s territory, the rich natural, historical and cultural of the region, varied and actualized information on leisure and accommodation facilities – bed capacity, mountain, country, ecological, sports, cultural and other types of alternative tourism, alpine tours, speleological expeditions, hang-gliding etc.

The good team work of the park Directorate and the local clubs affords opportunities of developing aquatic sports and organizing of speleological expeditions in the park, which is known as the region richest in caves (more than 500 caves and precipices).

The awesome and beautiful rock massif Dolomitite is situated in the region of the Vratsata natural landmark. National and international alpinism competitions are held there. More than 116 alpine tours (IV difficulty category) are developed.

The recently developed Vrachanska ecotrail is the sixth trail of the same type in Bulgaria. It is unique with its combination of attractive elements of animate and inanimate nature. The trail is situated within six kilometers of Vratsa town. It has a comfortable transport connection and offers unforgettable experiences to tourists and lovers of nature. It is a part of the programme offered to foreign tourists as well.

The picturesque villages of Pavolche and Zgorigrad have well-appointed houses available for the development of country tourism. Here Bulgarian and foreign guests can feel the traditional hospitality, enjoy wonderful nature, taste delicious, ecologically clear products and local wines.

The villas and hotels of the Vrachanski Balkan NP provide perfect opportunities of organizing winter and summer children`s ecological camps combined with educational programmes.

The tourist products that the Vrachanski Balkan NP Directorate offers are related to alternative tourism – mountain, cycling, ethnographical, sports, ornithological, ecological, country tourism.

The newly developed Fairy trail is an attraction to children. Here they will meet favourite characters from fairy tales, visit Baba Yaga`s house and who knows… some imps can see her!

The Karst and Vegetation nature trail provides an opportunity of getting an idea of the superficial Karst forms, typical vegetation and connection between them. The trail is spatially and functionally connected with the well-appointed Ledenika cave and the Ledenika visitor centre of the Vrachanski Balkan NP Directorate. An exposition is created and an audio-visual lecture with Karstological and speleological orientation is held. The visitor centre set up in Liutibrod village is similar. It is situated within 85 km of the capital.