National park Pirin: Fauna

The particular position, varied lay of land and vegetation of Pirin determine its faunistic diversity.

2 861 invertebrate species and 218 vertebrate species are established within the park territory.

A great part of invertebrate species is of conservation significance. 122 species are endemic, 162 – relict and 298 are rare. 17 species are included in World and European Red lists.

The protection of their endangered populations is determined not so much by the protection of a particular species as keeping their habitats untouched.

Vertebrates comprise 6 fish species, 18 amphibian and reptile species, 152 bird species, 14 bat species, 15 small mammal species and 14 large mammal species.

Endemism among vertebrates is low since the mountain`s territory is smaller than the areals of most of the species.

For all that the Greek tortoise, large myotis, wolf and marbled polecat are included in the World Red Data book. The brown bear, wolf, marten, chamois, wild cat, imperial eagle, wood grouse, owl, black woodpecker and the large multicolored woodpecker are among the endangered mammals and birds.

The chamois together with edelweiss is one of the Pirin logos.